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Welcome to Steve & Harry's Coffee

We are a micro-roaster of excellent specialty coffees from all over the world located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We roast at least once per week, which allows you to place an order and get the coffee you want as fresh as possible.

Have a look at our current offerings and send us an email if you'd like to order something (or you can call it in). Please let us know what you'd like by 4 P.M. Tuesday.

Our roasted coffees are priced at $16.00 per pound and $8.00 per half pound (sales tax is extra). Your order will be provided as whole beans unless you request it ground.

If you'd rather not wait for us to roast your coffee, you can find some of our more popular origins and blends in Albertsons (Idaho Falls, Pocatello), Wealth of Health 1st St and Woodruff Ave, Villa Coffeehouse at 344 Park Ave, Villa Cafe at EIRMC, and Higher Grounds at Mountain View Hospital.